CRH Making Improvements

By: Bruce Whetten
Source: Douglas Dispatch

In an effort to educate the community about the progress at CochiseRegionalHospital, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Luciano Fochesatto held a community outreach meeting Oct. 13 at the hospital where members of the community as well as the media could view first hand the changes that have been made.

Dr. Fochesatto said shortly after CRH took over SoutheastArizonaMedicalCenter the Arizona Department of Health Services was down to inspect the premises.

“They found several problems in the hospital operations,” he said. “Since then we have been dealing with the state basically.”

Dr. Fochesatto added the state would come down about every three weeks and visit and where one problem was fixed, another one would arise. Those concerns have been addressed and now the focus has been on improving the hospital and the care it provides its patients.

The radiology department recently underwent a major upgrade.

“We put in a new CT scanner, a new mammogram and ultra sound, a new echo cardiogram,” Dr. Fochesatto said. “We have a new nuclear medicine room that is being installed on the 28th of this month and we are finishing the process of signing up for the MRI machine. … Not even Sierra Vista can offer this degree of complexity from the radiology stand point of view. … This was a two million dollar investment.”

Dr. Fochesatto said Beth Bowers, the ultrasound tech for CRH, recently spent three weeks in Chicago training with the cardiologist up there on how to use this equipment and address the needs of the patients who may be coming in to use the system.
“We are looking to be able to offer these tests seven days a week,” the doctor said.
Telemedicine is another thing CRH will soon be offering, Dr. Fochesatto added.

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