SAMC Welcomes People’s Choice Hospital at Luncheon

By: Trisha Maldonado
Source: Douglas Dispatch

People’s Choice Hospital held a luncheon at Southeast Arizona Medical Center to introduce themselves to the staff and community of Douglas on December 11.

Vice President of Finance Christopher Alise began by thanking everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules and attending the luncheon.

“We are excited for the opportunity to work with everyone, to rebuild this hospital back to a position of strength in the community,” Alise said. “We understand that it is important for each of you in terms of your livelihood, your families, obviously your healthcare, and we want to work with everyone to build the services.”

Alise also said that he would like to be able to keep all of the expert medical care here in the community.

“So that all of you can come here for what you need where you don’t have to drive the distance to other areas to get the care we are confident we can provide for you here,” he added.

PCH plans to grow services at SAMC; they also plan to reach out to the community on a variety of levels. “We want to be partners in the community, our goal is to build the Douglas hospital back to what we think it can be and be involved with it long-term,” Alise said.

When asked if he thought building up the hospital would be possible, Alise’s reply was, “Yes, we wouldn’t be here otherwise.”

Alise and his staff have been very impressed by the commitment and loyalty of the staff.

“There a lot of opportunities here that have not been addressed and we would like to do that,” he said.

December 11 was also the day Mrs. Annie Benson SAMC’s CEO was in bankruptcy court in Tucson filing the paperwork for the sale of the hospital.

According to court documents the sale to PCH will not be finalized until mid-January.

PCH is able to leverage strategic financial investment to improve all facets of distressed hospital operations. They provide high-quality, expedient, customer service-oriented medical care by streamlining hospital operations and clinical workflow.

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